Looking For Trouble


Looking For Trouble- Commemorating the heroic RAAF Airmen of 77 Squadron WW2

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Looking For Trouble

Commemorating the heroic RAAF Airmen of 77 Squadron WW2

Limited edition military aviation art print signed by Australian Prime Minister & WW2 Curtis P40 Kittyhawk Pilot, Sir John Gorton.

Regarded as one of Australia’s most iconic military aviation paintings of one of Australia’s most esteemed RAAF fighter squadrons of World War 2, Peter Randall Kent’s vivid portrayal of the Royal Australian Air Force 77 squadron.

Only 500 prints released in 1998 in this limited edition run. Looking For Trouble is the only print that is signed by 77 squadron RAAF Kittyhawk pilot & Australian Prime Minister Sir John Gorton.

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