Michael Jordan Slam Dunk Poster


Bring the Slam Dunk championship into your home with this amazing action photo that captures the champion spirit of Michael Jordan.

Brand new to our showroom this poster is framed and ready to hang in your home.

Perfect for the basketball fan or anyone that is inspired by Jordan.

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New to the showroom, we welcome this Michael Jordan poster.

Arguably the best NBA player of all time, this amazing photo captures the one and only, Michael Jordan taking to the air at a Slam Dunk Championship in the 1990s.

If you can take your eyes away from Jordan for a moment, you will see our favourite part – the stunned faces of the crowd watching on, their jaws dropped, as he glides through the air in a way that only Michael Jordan can.

This poster truly engages you with the iconic moment and you can feel the electricity that must have been in the air.

We have complimented the captivating image with a 30mm black timber frame.

Measuring approximately 970x660mm.

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