Misty Mood by Leonid Afremov


It’s time to freshen up your home with this romantic Leonid Afremov piece – Misty Mood.

Elegantly styled with a custom frame purposely built to suit. This piece is both inspiring and magnificent.

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Wall Art in Perth: Leonid Afremov – Misty Mood

Looking for that special showstopper piece of wall art? You know the one that everyone stops to look at and then continues to lust after even once they have left your home? I have you sorted – right here in Perth!

This is an authorised replica print of Leonid Afremov’s Misty Mood. Afremov was a Contemporary Impressionist  known to create bright and cheerful artwork using a palette knife and oil paint.

Misty Mood is part of his collection inspired by people in Parisian Parks.

To do it justice, I created 3 individual frames for it. Each frame is then cut and layered, so that it comes together as one piece. It was nice to work with so much mesmerising colour.

The photo does not do it justice! Come say hello and check it out in person!

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