Iris Scott’s Cactus Refractus


Succulent lovers rejoice! Check out Cactus Refractus, a canvas reproduction by Iris Scott.  Colour, cacti and light – what more could you want for your wall?




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Indoor house plants are all the rage at the moment, with a very popular option being the succulent. Well what if we could give you the joys of a house plant without the work? Introducing Cactus Refractus. A gorgeous piece of plant wall art, a canvas reproduction of Iris’ original finger painting.

Iris Scott hails from Brooklyn where she creates masterpieces with finger painting. This brush less technique sees her pay homage to animals and plants, and celebrate the beautiful things in life. As the leading finger painting artist today Iris is very excited to share the joy of brush-free art with the world. This bright, cacti inspired plant wall art, is one where you can feel that joy. Through it’s blues, greens, pops of yellow and oranges the imagery is mesmerising.

We stretched the canvas and set it into a floating frame. We chose a black frame with a weathered finish, to keep the framing subtle. However with such a unique piece of art, we needed to add something different to the framing, so we lined the frame with LED back lights that are battery powered and remote controlled. Depending on the scene you want to set, you can use the remote to select your preferred colour. Each light casts a different view of the painting allowing the painting to come to life each time.

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