The Spirit Of The ANZACS – 9th & 10th Battalions with Kangaroo


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This iconic photo is part of the Historical Photograph Icon Series capturing Australians in the first world war released by The Australian War Memorial. ANZAC history at it’s best!

Featuring the Australian 9th and 10th battalion lined up, we focus in on a soldier with a kangaroo. Transporting us back to December 1914, during the First World War based at Mena Camp, in Egypt we learn about the importance of kangaroos as regiment pets and mascots for Australia.

  • Black and white vintage photo of the 9th and 10th battalion looking towards the pyramids of Egypt whilst an Australian soldier interacts with a kangaroo
  • Detailed summary of the importance of pets and mascots during the time
  • Rich, dark brown textured, timber frame with a brush gold trim
  • Matboard line techniques used to modernise vintage photography
  • Full premium glass
  • Fittings and fixtures for easy hanging
  • Approx. 660 x 1000mm.

This is a beautiful piece of ANZAC memorabilia and it would make the perfect start to a militaria collection or an elegant addition to a home theatre or office.  A must for every Aussie!

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